Let Corra Group interview your candidate references

Make your job easier by hiring Corra Group to interview your candidate references. Our trained reference check professionals will interview the reference and help you form a clearer understanding your job applicant's work habits, manageability, and motivation level. We ask relevant questions to help you determine if your candidate is the right fit for the position. We can customize a series of reference questions to match your requirements. When the interview is complete you will receive a transcript so you can see exactly what the reference said. We will contact references anyway domestically and internationally. References are can be either professional affiliations or personal associations.

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Sample Report
Reference Check Interview

Reference Name: Sal Alverez
Reference Type: Professional
Relationship Co-worker at ABC Accounting
Date of Interview 04/20/2018
Reference Title VP of Sales
Professional Relationship: We worked together at ABC Accounting, handling SOX compliance
How does this person work with others? Sal is young, so there is some development there, with the right coaching could turn him into a Leader. He has alot of potential.
How does this person work with others? Sal works well with all types of employees. He is very patient.
In what ways does he/she respond to stressful/high pressure situations? He is a mediator. Frequently calm and prepared to step up when a high pressure situation arose that required immediate action.
Did he/she ever have a problem with tardiness or absenteeism? Not at all. Sal arrived on time and rarely had any absences at all.
If you were to give this person's future supervisor any advice on what works well to motivate this person, what would it be? He is self-motivated, provide an environment where he can learn and grow and contribute.
Would you hire this person? If not, why? Yes, I would hire Sal again. Absolutely.
On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being best), how would you rate this persons overall job performance? I do not believe anyone is a 10. I would rate Sal's overall job performance a 9.
* * * *
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