Verify Candidate Credentials Before You Hire

Corra Group's professional researchers will verify your candidates' credentials, including professional licenses, certifications or any other designation you'd like us to verify. Recent history has provided many examples of job candidates exaggerating or outright lying on resumes or job applications about licenses and certifications. Don't get caught hiring unlicensed professionals.

Our researchers validate your prospective job candidate's professional license or credential and check to see they are in good standing with any professional license or certification required for their particular job category. We are adept at working with government bodies to clarify status and issues arising with licensing. Our License verification service is a great tool for screening medical professionals, financial professionals including stockbrokers and CPAs, hospitality industry, contractors, educators, attorneys, and any other license type. Results include license type, date and state of issuance, expiration date and restrictions or sanctions.

We also recommend using Corra Group Degree Verification Services for a complete resume verification.
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