Search Healthcare Sanctions OIG & GSA Checks

The Healthcare Sanctions report searches US Dept. of Health and Human Services' Office of Inspector General's (OIG) database for individuals and businesses excluded or sanctioned from participating in Medicare, Medicaid, or other Federally funded health care programs. This search is invaluable for healthcare industry candidates. The search is comprised of the following components: OIG (Office of Inspector General), GSA (General Services Administration), FDA (Food and Drug Administration), DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) and action taken by licensing boards in all 50 states.

We also recommend ordering the FACIS Search. This search expands your OIG & GSA search capabilities to include state level agency sanction lists. FACIS ® is a registered trademark of Verisys Corporation.

Possible Results of OIG & GSA Healthcare Sanctions Report

Match: A Search of the OIG database by first and last name has given a match and verifiedy by the candidate's social security number.
Clear: A search of the OIG database by the first and last name has given a no record found by that name. In this case the file would be returned to you as a clear record.
note: We strongly recommend running a Social Security Trace tool along with your background check to produce your candidates name variations and address history. This tool is essential for ruling out false positives.
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