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Hair Drug Testing

Expand Your Drug Screening Program with Hair Follicle Drug Tests

Corra's comprehensive drug screening program includes hair drug tests, which analyze hair follicles for drug and alcohol abuse. Our hair drug test program tests for five drugs, including Marijuana, Amphetamines (including Ecstasy), Cocaine, Opiates, and Phencyclidine (PCP). Compared to other forms of testing (urine, blood, oral fluids), hair samples can detect a longer period of drug use. Hair drug testing is usually effective in uncovering a 90 day period of drug use.

Benefits of Hair Drug Testing
  • Hair testing offers the longest window of detection (90 days standard test).
  • Hair specimens cannot be adulterated or substituted.
  • Collection is safe and simple – without the hazards associated with the handling of body fluids.
Hair Drug Test
Hair Drug Panels and Cut Off Levels
Hair 5-Panel (Standard) Screening Cutoff Confirmation Cutoff

Amphetamine, Methamphetamine & Ecstasy

500pg/mg hair            500pg/mg hair

Cocaine & Benzoylecgonine

500pg/mg hair            500pg/mg hair
Codeine, Morphine & 6-MAM (Heroin metabolite)
500pg/mg hair            500pg/mg hair
300pg/mg hair            300pg/mg hair
1pg/mg hair 0.3pg/mg hair

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Hair Drug Testing Services

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