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FACIS® Search (Level 3)

Expand your healthcare screening with the FACIS® Search

FACIS® is a registered trademark of Verisys Corporation.
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FACIS® Levels of Service Screening
This Health Care Screening search has three levels of background screening, and each level providing additional researching capabilities.
  • Level 1 - (OIG/GSA) searches Office of Inspector General (OIG) and General Services Administration (GSA) for excluded parties, as well as other federal agency sources.
  • Level 1m - Includes Office of Inspector General (OIG) and General Services Administration (GSA) and 1m, the Federal Health care Entitlement Program or FHEP, and a mix of state office of Medical Inspector General or Equivalent Exclusion or Debarment and State Contractor or Vendor Debarment Lists, varies by state's ability to report
  • Level 2 - provides the OIG/GSA, federal agencies listed in Level One, plus state level agencies for your state of choice.
  • Level 3 - is the most popular version of the FACIS® Search, offering all the resources of Level 1 and 2, include all state and federal agency information available in the database.
Improved Health Care Background Checks
We offer the industries best Health Care Screening solutions to background check your medical employees, contractors and temporary or traveling positions. In addition to drug testing and our OIG/GSA report, we give you access to FACIS®, the Fraud and Abuse Control Information Systems database. Running your potential job candidates through the FACIS® database will help you comply with government and high level health care contracts. FACIS® identifies sanctioned individuals with OIG, GSA and other federal agencies, as well as disciplinary actions by federal agencies and licensing and certification agencies in all 50 states.

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FACIS® Healthcare Search

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