Employment Verification Services  - Verification of Employment (VOE)

Employment Verification Services

Verify Past Employment Work History for your Job Candidates

Verify your candidate's resume or curriculum vitae (CV) with Corra's Employment Verification Services (VOE Services). Job hunters can easily lie about their work history, either by inflating job titles, expanding employment dates to meet your experience requirements, or even inventing fictitious jobs they didn't work. Corra Group will contact your candidate's previous employers and confirm work history. Our employment verification service will verify dates of employment, job titles, job location, and may include salary history, job performance, eligibility for rehire, attendance, productivity, and reasons for leaving.

Fast Turnaround Times

Turnaround Time for Employment Verifications is approximately 24 to 72 hours, depending on the employer. Some employers require a copy of a signed background check release form before releasing data.

Verify International Employers

Corra Group also verifies international employers and overseas job locations. Our researchers are skilled communicators who obtain verifications from international employers in the fastest turnaround time possible.

Get Started Verifying Employment Today

Sign up for a business account with Corra Background Checks. We will provide you with our low-cost, state-of-the-art background screening solution with friendly customer service. There are no signup fees and no monthly subscription obligations with Corra Group. To learn more about using our Employment Verification (VOE) Services and other background check services, please contact Corra Group at 310-524-9800 or email us: admin@corragroup.com We can customize any background search to meet your unique needs.

Sample Report
Employment Verification Records

Employment Verification
Information Provided  
Employer: ABC Computer, Inc.
Position Held: Director of Security
Date of Hire 03/01/2006
End End 12/10/2018
Salary $110K per Annum
Information Verified:  
Title Reported:

Manager of Security

Date of Hire: 04/01/2006
End Date:

Still Employed


$106 per year plus bonus

Overall Performance: Excellent
Reason for Departure: resigned, attending business school
Eligible for Rehire: Yes
Other Comments: worked well with coworkers, a great leader
Notes: Verified for Jennifer Jones, HR Generalist. Note: candidate moved was promoted three times due to excellent job performance