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Corra Electronic I-9 E-Verify Form

Paperless Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Service
Integrates with DHS

Simplify your I-9
Verification Process

Meet Federal Compliance quickly and easily online

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Corra's Electronic I-9 Form service makes it easier for you to verify your employees eligibility to work in the United States. Instead of filling out cumbersome forms, just complete the necessary I-9 documentation with Corra's online software, which is fully integrated with the Department of Homeland Security's Electronic Verifying system (E-Verify).

Stay in Compliance with Help from Corra
As a Designated Agent with E-Verify, Corra helps you at every step of the I-9 form process. We can assist you with establishing your account, integrating your background screening program with your I-9 verification process, and we help you fill out the online forms correctly and assist additional steps should an employee contest an unverified social security number. We'll keep you up to date with changes in Federal and State law, as we move closer to mandatory federal verification.

I-9 Verifications Keep you Safe and in Compliance
An I-9 verification takes I-9 documentation much further by providing verification and proof that the employee is in fact legally authorized to work in this country. By integrating with both the Social Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security, an I-9 verification provides an electronic paper trail that can prove the legitimate status of all employees and can satisfy an audit quickly and easily. In addition, it proves that the employee is providing real documentation and telling the truth about their status, giving more credibility to them as an employee. Several states already require I-9 verifications in addition to paperwork, and other laws are in the works that would require them for additional states or for certain classes of federal workers.

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Electronic I-9 Form Service