Criminal Record Searches:
The backbone of your employment screening program.
Without searching Criminal Records, your screening policy is incomplete

By Gordon Basichis

Criminal records searches are the backbone of any pre-employment background check. It is essential that any employer or human resource department conduct a criminal background check in order to determine the viability of any job candidate.

Not only will criminal research help weed out the more questionable candidates, it also serves to reduce employer liability in case of a crisis in the workplace. Background checks in general, and criminal background screening, while not absolute, go a long way as a defense against any incident that may cause harm to fellow workers. A comprehensive background check helps to demonstrate due diligence on the part of the employer.

Why Standardize?

Criminal records searches, as well as any other aspect of employment screening should be standardized so that the comprehensive background check serves as a thorough and impartial benchmark to qualify every candidate.

Employee screening does not have to be standardized so that it is uniform for the entire work force. However, preemployment background checks should be standardized so that they are uniform for the level and position of employment. In other words, while you may perform a more extensive background check for your higher level employees, or the ones who drive or handle money, you may conduct a less strident background screening policy for employees in lesser positions.

Criminal records searches are essential for the above stated reasons. It is equally essential whether a candidate admits to a criminal past, or denies it.

At Corra Group we have seen it where a job candidate will tell the truth and admit to a criminal history. We are aware of numerous occasions where the candidate informs the human resources administrator of one particular crime but neglects to tell HR about the other crimes in other states or counties.

And, of course, there are the candidates who deny any criminal past in hopes of avoiding detection.

Bonafide and thorough criminal records searches often leaves the lying candidate surprised and embarrassed. Of course, an employer may still offer that candidate the job, but more often or not the candidate is denied the job, largely as a consequence for lying.

Recommended Searches

Corra Group offers a series of criminal records background checks. All of our searches are compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). We offer a National Criminal Background Check, covering felonies and misdemeanors in all fifty states. We offer a Statewide Criminal Background Check, a Federal Criminal Background Check, and a County Criminal Background Check. The latter is a hand-pulled search conducted through our network of researchers who actually visit that particular county courthouse in order to verify a conviction.

Additionally, Corra Group offers County Wants and Warrants, Nationwide Wants and Warrants and, for today's world, International Criminal Searches.

For a complete list of our searches and packages, review our employment screening packages and our complete list of background check services.

Remember, Corra will always customize a package of any group of background searches that best meets the needs of any business, employer, employment search or human resource service. Call us, and we will be there to answer your questions.