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Career Center - Applicant Tracking Solution

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Create an online Career Center with our Free Applicant Tracking Software

With Corra's applicant tracking software, you can post job openings online and create an entire career center with custom job applications for every position in your organization. You can create a database of job opportunites for your firm and activate them as positions become available. Your job board is customizable with your logo and colors, and applicants will access the board through your website. When your human capital structure changes, just upload new job descriptions and you are ready for hire.

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Your New Job Board
You can organize job openings by job location. Each job opening allows you to post distinct requirements, including skills, education, and experience. Once your candidates have applied for the position they will sign an electronic consent, allowing you to conduct background screening. Keep the candidates you like, delete the rest.

Career Center Job BoardKey Features
  • Create customized job application requirements
  • Upload job requirements for every position in your firm
  • Create a databse of job openings
  • Customize and brand job board with your company logo and colors
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Career Center Job Board