Pre-Employment Background Checks can prevent your company from becoming another ugly statistic

Employee Theft

  • Nearly 80% of the workforce admit they would or at least would consider stealing from their employers.
  • Employee theft costs businesses between $60 and $120 Billion, annually.
  • 49% of the employees steal for greed, 43% steal out of vindictiveness, and 8% claim they steal out of need.
  • Employee theft is the cause of 30% of business failures.
  • According to one survey, a business can lose to theft up to 20% of every dollar earned.

Resume Fraud

  • One study revealed that 54% of applications contained inaccuracies about such things as educational background and previous employment.
  • 11% of the job applicants provided inaccuracies when explaining why they left a former employer.
  • A third of the job prospects exaggerated their accomplished, and another third fudged on their employment chronologies.
  • Approximately 95% of applicants have falsified at least some facts on their resumes.

Drug & Alcohol Abuse

  • Drug and Alcohol Problems are estimated to cost businesses at least $100 Billion, annually in lost productivity.

  • About 23 million Americans suffer from alcohol and drug problems. Seventy-Five percent are employed, but only twenty percent of them seek help for their problems.

  • Drug and Alcohol Abusers cost American businesses twice the health care expense of the average employee.

  • Drug and Alcohol Abusers are involved in approximately 20-25% of workplace accidents. They are three times more likely to report for work late and five times ore likely to file a worker s compensation claim.

Workplace Violence

  • Cost of Violence in the Workplace is estimated to cost businesses more than $36 Billion, annually. This is 850% over previous estimates.

  • Violence in the workplace accounts for 17 percent of all occupational fatalities, making it the second leading cause of job related fatalities, right behind traffic deaths.

  • 40% of working women who die from job-related injuries, die of murder.

  • 2% of workplace violence results from shootings and stabbings.

  • Workplace violence is the main concern of corporate security directors at Fortune 1000 companies.

  • Each year tens of thousands of violent threats are made in the workplace, leading to thousands of workers being attacked and injured.

  • Each year more than two million Americans become victims of work related violence.

  • 8% of the rapes, 7% of the robberies, and 16% of assaults all occurred in the workplace.

  • Crime victimizations in the workplace resulted in nearly 900,000 lost work days.

Sexual Harassment

  • In a US. Study more than 40% female employees in the private sector, and more than 16% female university employees experienced sexual harassment within 24 months.

  • In recent years more than $150 million, annually, has been awarded to victims of sexual harassment.

  • A typical Fortune 500 Corporation can expect to lose $10 million annually from productivity, health care costs, poor morale and various complications arising out of sexual harassment.

Bad Hires

  • The cost for a bad hire for a software engineer can exceed $1 Million. You could lose as much as $1.4 Billion for a CEO.
  • Bad Hires have an absentee rate four times higher than average--the average cost of absenteeism is more than $800 per employee.
  • Hiring the wrong person can cost upward of 24 times the individual s annual salary, once expenses associated with hiring, compensation, lost business opportunities and severance are factored in.
  • In the American Business Community, two out of three new hires will disappoint in the first year
  • One out of three business will be sued this year over an employment issue.
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