CDLIS Records

Stay in compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) by running the CDLIS "Commercial Drivers License Information Search." This is a nationwide CDL driver check search that locates the current commercial driver's license, and up to three prior licenses held by the driver. Offered by the Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) this nationwide database includes records by every state, and helps keep bad drivers from obtaining multiple driver's licenses. Use the CDLIS search to locate the appropriate state to run your driver's CDL Motor Vehicle Records (MVR search) driving history.   Contact us now to sign up for background screening account from Corra.

Connecticut Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Details

 Date of Birth
 Social Security Number Match
 AKA Information
 Current State of Record
 Up to three previously held CDL Numbers

Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986

The current CDLIS program started with the 1986 Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act, with the goal of improving highway safety by removing bad commercial drivers from the road. It made it illegal for CDL holders to have more than one license and established a minimum national standard for all states' CDL licenses. Now certain commercial motor vehicles require a CDL, and the CDLIS database was created to verify your prospective driver is properly licensed.

Run CDLIS and Criminal Records Search at the same time

With Corra's background screening software, your Commercial Driver's License Information System CDLIS Search integrates easily with your job applicant's entire background screening report, which can include criminal history, employment verification, credit history, and much more background check options. Need randomized screening, our software allows you to screen for a random drivers, keeping you in compliance with DOT. Contact us now to sign up for background screening account from Corra.

Re-Screen Your Drivers with ease

Our software makes it easy to re-screen your drivers for compliance purposes. Set the clock with our recurring screening feature, and we'll help you monitor candidates eligible for review. Keep up to date on your fleets driving records, convictions, and license revocations.

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